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Welcome to Computer Ethic's Wiki (ELP)

This is an experimental wiki for the subject "Computer Ethics" at Facultad de Informática of Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Contents available are the result of co-creation from ELP students, and are free under Creative Commons license International 4.0. You can check already created posts up until this moment and recent changes.

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Starting out

  • In the Contents user guide you can check how to create articles, edit, search, etc on this wiki.
  • Important: when creating a page for a Social Impact Project we use the prefix Project: followed by the title without leaving a space, like so Trabajo:Distribuciones para niños. This title format is that of namespaces and is meant for Project to be one.

ELP Topics

Introduction to ethics


Gender digital breakthrough

Important Inventions of Women in Technology

Freedom of speech on the Internet

Intelectual property



Security at work

Responsible use of technology

Reliability and responsibility

Proffesional ethics codes



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