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Monitoring by system is the process of monitoring people, objects or processes into the systems in order to meet certain expected or desired standards in a social or security environment. In the context of the subject, this word is used to refer to the vigilance that is applied in computer science thought Internet, a science that manages to communicate to the whole world and is the greatest exponent of the "Globalization".

Talking about vigilance we usually refer to a process that may include the search, capture, collection, analysis or dissemination of information by means of computer technology. It’s very easy to private or big companies, private or public, need or want this vigilance (information is power). One of the best known companies is the well-known PRISM.


In the environment where we live where everything changes and the process of innovation is continuous, it’s something that always existed within organizational structures. Accelerated changes. Impact of TIC. Continuous search for strategies for innovation as a key to the future.

Cyber espionage

Act or practice to obtaining secrets without the permission of the holder of the information, either for personal, economic or military advantage using information technology.


Once the term is known, we can apply some ethics.

Vigilance is good?

If you are a public entity like the State, do you have the rights to watch over your citizens? Obviously, the opinions in this section are very diverse.

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