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What is Shazam?

Shazam is one of the most popular applications of the world, used by more than 100 million people every month to identify music and to obtain the lyrics of the songs.


  • To look for accounts in the device
  • To control the location
  • To read and to eliminate content of the stored
  • To do photographies
  • To record sound
  • To control NFC
  • To create accounts and to establish passwords

Terms of use and policy of privacy

  • It is committed not to use Shazam or to export any portion of him, in violation of the regulations of the export of the United States.
  • You show and guaranty that is not in a country that is subject to an embargo of government of the United States or that has been designated by the government of the United States like a country that welcomes terrorists and you do not appear in any list of the United States of the prohibited or restricted parties
  • Shazam can codify or add your data with data of other users with purpose of creating stadisticsrelated on the general useof the applications and web sites of shazam.that helps to develop new products and services. You can alsoshare information added whith its partners and advertisers of thirds parties.
  • It can use the personal data to protect the author rights.

Analysis and Conclusions

With Shazam we see how they treat the data and they send data of our device whenever we used it, but at no point do they make clear to what end. Therefore the following questions arise:

  • They are spying on us ?
  • They sell our data?

At the moment we can not know why they do not want to show us the data they have and collect from our phone.