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Lulz Security
Objective Net Freedom
Foundation 2011
Founder(s) Hector Xavier Monsegur (?)
Members Jake Davis aka Topiary, Mustafa Al-Bassam aka Tflow, Ryan Ackroyd aka Kayla, Hector Monsegur aka Sabu.

Lulz Security (also named LulzSec), group of grey hat hackers. Their lemma is Laughing at your security since 2011!. LulzSec is considered by many a historic celebrity within the cybercrime area for many reasons, we can include attacks to large companies including the CIA website. For this reason, LulzSec was decribed as one of the most critical threats towards state organisations and large companies by the media, together with Anonymous.

LulzSec is a movement which describes itself, as a ‘Lulzy’ set of individuals who think that the only important thing within the cyber community, is to have fun. They deem this to be so important that it was posted on their main page from their webpage, where a boat,"Lulz Boat" , recives visitors and welcomes them to join their fight.

One of their best known mottos when asked for reasoning behind their attacks is: FOR TEH LULZ


LulzSec, like Anonymous, states that it's attacks have as objective, to make governments and corporations tremble so that they understand that the internet belongs to everyone and not just them. Their attacks, therefore, are a way of pressuring certain sectors in order to secure free access to information and respect for human rights. Similarly, opposing unlawful handling of information by governments and corporations.

LulzSec has openly admitted its alliance with Anonymous, in order to battle together common enemies, for example, the fight against the las that want to restrict the Internet, like the Ley Sinde, Hadopi y Lleras, amongst many.

Many people find these movments important from a historic perspective. This is due to the fact that this new platfrom (The interwebz) has made social protesting nearly undetectable & attacks precise. Additionally, these movements have had a surprising amount of support, hundreds of people around the globe daily encourage and support their ideals.


Topiary = Spokesman

Tflow = High skilled programmer

Kayla = Server penetration

Sabu = Leader & Skilled Hacker

Attacks launched by LulzSec

Attacks originated by LulzSec include the stealing of confidential information from users belonging to private companies such as Nintendo & Sony. Similarly, they have demonstrated their support to Wikileaks with concrete actions, like the attack to PBS as a way of protesting towards the documentary published about Wikileaks.

13th of June 2011 they attacked the CIA's website, confirmed by the US government.

8th of June 2012 through a Twitter account the group wrote "#LulzSec is Back - 2012" together with a Pastebin message containing personal information about workers and employees from NASA.

AntiSec Operation

By means of their alliance with Anonymous, Lulzec prepared a joint operation against Brasil using a DDoS attack, one of the actions taken during Operation Antisec aimed at Organisations, governments or agencies that attempt to restrict freedom on the net.


26th June 2011 LulzSec confirms that they will cease all actions as their 50 day cruise had expired: "... Our planned 50-day cruise has expired and we must now sail into the distance, leaving behind - we hope -- inspiration, fear, denial, happiness, approval, disapproval, mockery, embarrassment, thoughtfulness, jealousy, hate, even love. If anything, we hope we had a microscopic impact on someone, somewhere. Anywhere."

25th June 2011 personal information and conversations maintained within the group were published on pastebin, this was the last nail on the coffin.

Hector Xavier Monsegur, who claimed to be the leader at LulzSec, was proven to be an FBI informant. When he was caught accesing the LulzSec chatroom from his personal IP, he was coerced to help the FBI.


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