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Important Inventions of Women in Technology


ENIAC was the first computer's name, it was coded by six women, experts in mathematics. The same group of women worked together by manually calculating bomb trajectories during the II World War. These women were:

B. Snyder, Jean Jennings, Kathleen McNulty, Marlyn Wescoff, Ruth Lichterman,y France BIlas Spencer.

Built in the University of Pensilvania and employed by the Ballistic Research Laboratory of the EEUU's army, it was designed with military purposes to calculate projectile's trajectories. This ancestor of modern computers occupied 167 square meters & weighed 27 tonnes; it was capable of accomplishing 5000 sums & 300 multiplications per second.

On October 2nd 1955 it was deactivated for ever.RIP.

Text Processors

In 1953, Evelyn Berezin whilst working at the Underwood Company, created what we consider the first office computer. Later on she decided to work at another company & developed the first real time computerised flight booking system at Teleregister. However, her main contribution could be an idea she had in 1968, when she decided to implement a program to create & manage text that could help secretaries' performance at work.

Automation of Parallel Tasks

Frances E. Allen, Turing prize winner, named after computational science's father, Frances E. Allen laid down the foundations for theoretical basis & practices of techniques for automatic optimisation in compilers, which is an essential part in a computer that translates a program's instructions into machine code. She defined techniques which are still being used currently & have helped improve machine eficiency. In her opnion, "women will become interested in computation when it becomes essentiallty relevant to society".

The First Compiler

Known as Amazing Grace, she was considered as COBOL's precursor, a universal programming language unprecedented for it's time that could be used by any computer. Mathematical Scientist & also a United States Navy Rear Admiral, she was very influent in the Armed Forces & in many companies, which at the time were overwhelmingly dominated by men.

Wireless Transmission Technology

During World War II, Hedy Lamarr's invention; a secret communications system for radio controled torpedoes, using "Frequency Hopping" technology, founded the technological basis for everything, from Wi-Fi to GPS. She was also a world famous actress.

Living life like in a movie & not only during her acting career. Google dedicates their doodle to the 101st birth anniversary of the woman who not only revolutionised the seventh art with her nudity & orgasm; she also had a prodigious mind that allowed her to develop "Spread spectrum" theory, Wi-fi's precursor.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

Marie Van Brittan Brown created a closed circuit television system that ensured people's security, at the time New York's police response time was very slow, she patented the system in 1969. This invention was what boosted development in alarm & security systems that are so commonly used nowadays.

Currently, her creation has served as a basis for modern CCTV systems used in homes & for police work.


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