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Debian Women

In the world of software development, and concretely in the development of free software, women have a quite small role.

There are many theories that are shuffled about the causes of this phenomenon (see Women in Computing) but what most interests to the group of women who are currently in the computer world is to destroy those barriers, regardless of its origin.

For it, Numerous groups have been created within the free software projects to show to the female group that computing and technology is not just for men, and they can be an active part of it, contributing to its development. The initiative of the Debian project is Debian Women It is the Debian project initiative to bring the world of free software to women.

This initiative started in May 2004 by the fact that the majority of participants in this type of computer projects are men, either by social, cultural reasons, or any other nature. It intends to create a space where women feel welcomed within the ambit of software, helping them to get involved in Debian, the same time that help them to develop their technological capabilities.

They are present in several countries and have collaborated with businesses, organizing lectures, meetings on the network, or free courses to encourage women who want to develop software in Debian.

Mailing lists

The community has several mailing lists in that are discussed about distinct issues related to Debian, in which anyone can subscribe. Debian Women also has a list, where discussions on any topic related to Debian Women are treated.

Mentoring program

This program, which exists for both men as women, tries to put in contact people who need some help to get into the Debian world, with people who can provide it, either advising on where to find documentation on the functioning of the community itself, as issue that exposes the person requesting mentoring.

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