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What is Clash of Clans?

Clash of Clans, also known as CoC, is a strategy multiplayer online game for mobile devices created by Supercell. The game mechanics consist of creating a settlement, training troops, and attacking other players in order to win gold, elixir and dark elixir, which can be used to build defensive building that protect you from other payer’s attacks and to train and improve your troops.


  • Access to the purchases you make inside the game.
  • Access to your identity to search for accounts on your device.
  • Access to your contact list to search for accounts on your device.
  • Access to your storage in order to modify, delete or read the content of the USB storage.
  • Access to your Wi-Fis connection information.
  • Complete access to the network.

Information gathered about you

  • Any content you publish on Clash of Clans.

Privacy policy and terms of service

[Terms and conditions]

[Privacy policy]

Analysis and conclusions

As a conclusion from the privacy policy and the terms of service:

  • Supercell grants a license to use its services in order to entertain without commercial ends and agreeing on their terms and conditions means to commit oneself to not use their service for any other ends. In the terms and conditions, they inform you about the restrictions, the commitments and the limitations that each license has using the service.
  • They use information that they collect about us to create your account, provide services, get in touch with us, fulfill investigations and create reports for external use. They collect such information through the game, through your participation in service forums, in forms, in surveys, contests and draws, among others.
  • We don’t have any sort of right over the content that we publish, we even resign the moral rights unless the applicable legislation forbids it. Nevertheless, we are the only ones to take responsibilities about the interactions that we make with other users using their services and with any other part through it.
  • If we get involved in a conflict with one or more users, we are responsibles for the reclamations, plaints, damages and harm that come from them.
  • When we use Clash of Clans, we give them a license to copy, transform, broadcast and distribute any user content that you publish.
  • Regarding the ads, they can show ads on their services but the ones they show must be of your interest.
  • Regarding the disclosure of information, Supercell doesn’t share our personal information unless we have authorized or we have given our consent for them to share that information with a third party for marketing ends.
  • Regarding the security, they adopt reasonable measures to protect our information but they don’t guarantee absolute security over it.
  • Regarding the permits, we think that they are correct for an app of this nature.
  • Shocking facts about their privacy policy and terms and conditions: they make you responsible for the content that you publish and for the interactions that you have with other users but, at the same time, they remove all your rights over them.