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Surveillance (discussed in the subject) is the process of monitoring people, objects or processes within systems so as to see certain expected or desired regulations fulfilled in a social or security environment. In the context of the subject, this word is used to refer to vigilance applied to Computer Science this being thanks to the Internet a science that achieves to communicate to everyone and is the biggest exponent in the so-called Globalization.

When talking about computer surveillance we refer to any process that could cover the search, recruitment, gathering, analysis or broadcasting of information through Computer Science. It is very easy then that individuals as much as big private or public companies need or desire this vigilance (information is power). One of the best well known companies in this aspect is the already known PRISM.


In the environment we touched on where everything changes and the process of innovation is continuous and something necessary that has always existed within organizational structures.

Rapid changes Overinformation due to the great impact of the TIC Continuous search for strategies for innovation as key to the future


The act or practice of obtaining secrets without the permission of the owner of the information for personal, economic or military advantages by using Computer Science.


Given the known term, we can apply some ethics to it. Up until what point is surveillance any good? Does being a public entity like the State give you any right to surveil your citizens? Obviously opinions on this topic are quite diverse.

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