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The aim of this project is to deal with the consequences of a DDoS attack with a social perspective. A brief summary would be provided (in order not to bored the user with too much information) about a economic losses it generates, the problems it may cause to an user and the need to raise awereness on them.

Final Guidelines

1. Introduction
Imagine you are on a online game of your favourite videogame, you have just won one game and lost another one. Now you need to win in order to get into the next ranking. You and your team are working as a real group and the victory seems to be quite close, meanwhile, your character starts freezing and you can't do anything while watching how your opponent is getting closer, you have no idea what's going on, you check your connectivity and everything is fine, but you can't play, the videogame isn't working and suddenly a box appears saying "Restoring conexion". What's the problem? You may ask yourself. The videogame servers have suffered a DDoS attack.

2. Explanation
A Denial of Service attack(DDos) has the purpose of forbidding your computer to stablish a connexion with the server being attacked because it is saturated due data that it can send through the network, so, the online game can't continue until the server recovers itself.

A DDoS is carried out by bots(A computer with a malware), they are connected to the target server and they start sending hundreds of requests. A bot army, or bot network, may contain thousands of infected computers ruled by a a person or by a group aiming hurt the network.

These kind of attacks are normally easy to perform, specially if there already exists places where anyone can pay for bot networks and send any attacj to any server if it's affordable.

3. Implications
The main factor in a DDoS attack is the economic one. Tipically, is a company the one hiring this kind of service to wreak the competence.However, it's well known that there exists more reasons on the background. There have been many attacks realized against official government webpages and other politicals means under the name of hacktivism.This forces the governments to invest on network security to stop succesfully these attacks, otherwise, if the attack success, the economic waste would be much higher, it will cause as well reputational damage and legal backwash.

4. Conclusions
The Denial of Services is a computer attack used frequently that may damage not just a single videogame, but online purchases such as in eBay or Amazon, even in a bank transaction, which harms deeper the society, so we have to be aware of their presence and know how to deal with them in case of suffering them. Due to these facts, attachments can be found on the description, where more information is available about how to stop them or in the other way around, how to make a DDoS. Thanks for watching the video, if you like it, please help us sharing and distributing the video apart from clocking on "Like".

Draft Video

Final Version of the video

Group Members

  • José Ángel Sánchez Martín GII 4ºA
  • Fernando Gamboa López GII 4ºA
  • Jorge García Villanueva GII 4ºA
  • Javier Sandoval GII 4ºA


We have found on the social and economic implications of a DDoS that they may have an average user. Our goal is to report and aware users that want to learn more about this topic, without going deeper on the technical stuff. We have determined that a short video of approximately three minutes would be more direct and effective for the user, avoiding also the user getting bored.

As we want a public video, we have the extra task of filtering the used resources. In the case of the audio, we have produce it personally. The images used have been selected among an open source compilation so that they help transmitting the main message we want to bring closer to the users, without exceeding the time limit.

With the final purpose of easing the highest number of user the understanding of the video, we have added manually subtitles both in english and spansih, perfectly synchronized with the audio.

In such a way, to ease the task of those interested on learning more, we have included extra documentation in te initial description of the video. In order to provide a higher visibility to our task, we have promoted it among different forums and means, as well as on several social networks.

Even that there are a lot of videos regarding Denial of Services, almost all of them are focus on more advanced stuff, so that's why we decided to focus on the idea of beginners, wnhere there are just a few videos and they are not quite succesful. In addition, we put the focus specially on the consequences for a normal user, while almost all the others goes deeper on how a DDoS works and its general consequences.

Social Impact:
To be determined. The video was uploaded not so much time ago.

We hope that the video helps all those beginners with a basic knowledge on computers to obtain awareness about the concern. The measure in which this is reached will depend on the social impact.


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