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Owncloud is a file hosting and online open source(AGPL license) application(cloud computing) ready to be installed on a own server that provides PHP(For version 5.6 or higher), SQLite, MySQL, or PostgreSQL support. The few amount of requirements allows it to be installed ona a Raspberry Pi. By hosting it in our own server, it guarantees privacity and security.

Owncloud was initiated and later on spread in 2010 by Frank Karlitschek, with the aim of providing users data control among the network, and providing an alternative to private solutions such as Dropbox or Google Drive, in which the user allows Google and its collaborators a world license to use the files.


  • File synchronization, contacts, calendar, mail... among several devices
  • Secure storage by encrypting.
  • Possibility to share files with other users(private) or by link(public).
  • User management by the administrator(s)
  • Installation and execution of online applications:
    • Music player
    • Contact administrator
    • Calendar manager.
    • Text editor
    • Document viewer
    • Images
    • Favourites manager
    • More functions


  • 512 RAM Mb
  • Mysql or MariaDB
  • PHP 5.6 or new versions.
  • Apache 2.4

Installation and use

Owncloud provides on its webpage guidelines either for users or either for administrators and developers of each stable version adapted to different systems in which its installation is possible.