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Mr. Robot is an American TV series created by Sam Esmail. It was released the 24th June 2015 in the channel USA Network. The same day the series was renewed for a second season. The plot will verse about a world in which Computer Science will be a power to care about. The series was well embraced by the critics with high hopes and by the experts with numerous awards and nominations.


Elliot Anderson is a young and prodigious programmer and hacker specialized in the ambit of security. He suffers of social phobia, depression and deliriums. During his daily life he works as a technician in cybersecurity in an important I.T. firm (Allsafe). However, after the encounter with Mr. Robot, his life will revolve around “FSociety”, whose goal is to overthrow the biggest multinational firm in the world. Elliot is also a person who worries a lot about the people who surround him, even if he does not like human companionship, reaching a point at which he got illegitimately into email accounts and mobile telephones of his close friends in some occasions if he thinks it is necessary in order to help them.


Elliot Alderson, (Rami Malek). Mr. Robot, (Christian Slater). Angela, (Portia Doubleday). Darlene, (Carly Chaikin).



  • Golden Globes: Best drama series and supporting actor (Christian Slater)
  • Gotham Awards: revelation TV show
  • American Film Institute (AFI): top 10 best TV shows of the years
  • Critics’ Choice Awards: 3 nominations including best drama series
  • Satellite Awards: best TV show supporting actor (Slater) and 3 nominations
  • Screen Actors Guilds (SAG): nominated to best drama actor (Malek)


  • Emmy: best actor (Rami Malek)
  • 3 nominations: Golden Globes (Best drama actor, Rami Malek) and supporting actor (Slater)
  • Critics’ Choice Awards: 3 nominations including best drama series
  • Satellite Awards: 2 nominations including best drama series
  • Screen Actors Guild (SAG): nominated to best drama actor (Malek)
  • Writers Guild of America (WGA): best script in new series and 2 nominations