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Google is a company, main subsidiary of the american multinational Alphabet Inc., specialized in products and services related to Internet, software, electronic devices and other technologies. The main product from Google is the search engine of content in internet with the same name, though it offers other products and services such as the e-mail called Gmail, its maps services called Google Maps and Google Earth, the online site for videos YouTube and other web utilities such as Google Books, Google News, Google Chrome and the social network Google+. On the other hand, it leads the development of the operating system based on Linux, Android, oriented to smartphones, tablets, televisions, cars and augmented reality glasses, the Google Glass.

Privacy Policy

In the following, we’ll summarize briefly the privacy policy that the company follows.

Gathered data by Google

Information given, information obtained by the use of their services (information about the device, registration data, localization, local storage, cookies and similar technologies).

How they use the gathered data

They use the information gathered to provide, maintain, protect and improve the services we use, to develop new ones and protect Google and its users.

Transparency and election

Their goal is to inform you plainly about the data gathered, so you can make adequate decisions in regards to their use.

Data you shared

Several of their services allow you to share information with other users. Remember that, when you share information publicly, this information can indexed by other search engines, including Google.

How to access your personal data and update them

Everytime you use their services, their goal consists on providing you access to your personal information. If that information is incorrect, they strive on providing quick ways of deleting or updating, unless they have to keep that information for legal or business legitimate reasons.

Which personal data do they share

They don’t share personal information with businesses, organizations or particulars that don’t have a relationship with Google, unless any of these circumstances occur: consent, domain administrators, external treatment, legal reasons.

Data security

Encryption by the SSL protocol, set up the verification in two steps to access Google accounts, as well as a safe navigation function in Google Chrome, limitation of the contractor's’ access, the agents and the Google employees to the personal information that they must be process for Google.

My Google activity

What is it?

It’s a tool that will show you everything you do since you start your web navigator and access Google’s services. You can find it if you go to (you will have to log in with your Google credentials). In the page My Activity, you will see the activity in a variety of Google products, including the search, the image search, maps, listen, go shopping, YouTube and even Help -- that’s right, everytime you visit a help page from Google, Google registers the visit.

By default, the page “My activity” will show as a timeline and the data is updated everyday. You can choose to see a list for every individual element in the timeline by clicking in the main menu button (three lines) in the upper left corner and going to the article view.

Beside every group or element from an activity you’ll see three vertical points. Click this to see a single article’s details (these include things like the exact hour in which the activity was registered and the Google product that was being used) or delete an individual element.

What is the difference between this and the web history?

Google’s web history now redirects automatically to My Activity page, so it’s not really different. But the main difference between My Activity and web history is that the first one shows activity from a variety of Google products, not only Search, Images and Videos.

What does Google do with this data?

Google uses this data in two main ways: to improve its services for the population in general (the localization data to obtain traffic information, for example) and to provide you a better custom experience (like the autocomplete tool when searching).

My account in Google

What is it?

It is a website where Google offers you access to a variety of tools that let you modify your personal information that you authorize to Google and therefore protect more your privacy.

My account provides the opportunity of making security revisions (it checks the permits you’ve given to your account, among others) and privacy revisions, where you can modify your privacy settings on different Google services. If you want to delete your account or some other services, you can do this in this section.