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GitHub is a collaborative software development platform to control projects using Git, a version control system. Code is stored publicly, but if you have a payment or studies account code will be able to be stored privately.

Gathered information

  • User account information like the username, password and email. If the user provides more personal information it will be gathered as well. This is collected in order to create the user account, be identified in GitHub and to share your profile with other users.
  • Cookies information. It is collected the kind of web browser, language preference, additional requested websites, timestamp of each request, and also IP addresses. This is obtained in order to understand how users use the website and to protect security.

Non gathered information

  • Personal data like social security numbers, health or religious information.
  • Information stored in the repositories free, this information belongs to the users and they are in charge of it.

Third parties outreach

GitHub makes quite clear they do not share, sell or rent personal user information to third parties for commercial purposes. They will only share it if it is required by court or government order.

How users use GitHub or answer offers, conferences or events informaion is shared with third parties, but it is never sold.

Third parties can collect all public users information, as well as each person content. If user include private or sensitive information in some public repository such as email addresses, it could be acquired by search engines or used by third parties.

Information storage

Information collected by GitHub is stored in the United States according to their privacy policy, although there are users from different countries and regions, GitHub tries to provide the same protection level regarding privacy and security.

Users can cancel their account at any time. If this happens, data will be kept by GitHub within the next 30 days because of legal requirements. Later the profile will be deleted.

Privacy policy