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Requested Articles

Welcome to ELP's wiki community's portal!

This wiki started functioning during the course of 2014/2015 and for now we have 321 pages. Here you will be able to find ideas on how to colaborate.

If you have any doubt or want to make a general proposal about the wiki head over to the Café. Each page of content and each user has an associated discussion page where you can comment on that particular topic.

Ideas to colaborate

  • Improve the following articles Subject's Syllabus. You can also add new articles by clicking on red links from: ficha docente or Requested Articles.
  • Write summaries about the conferences.
  • Add a page for Social Impact Projects that you have created. Create it with the prefix Trabajo: so it is easier to locate, for example Trabajo:Distribuciones para niños.
  • Check existing pages for grammatical errors, improve their format, add references, fix broken links... You can find ideas here Maintenance.
  • Add categories to the different pages within the wiki depending on their content.


If you browse MediaWiki there is an extense documentation about editing for various levels of difficulty. In this wiki, you can follow Tutorial, which is still being developed, or consult Help Pages.

In any case, if you have any doubt, the Café is there to ask.

Content Organisation

The wiki's articles are fundamentally enciclopedic pages which enrich the subject's syllabus, Social impact projects elaborated individually or in group (they start by Trabajo:), Conference summaries & presentations given during class.

There is also Help Pages, Project Pages and Uploaded Archives.

Some pages have been translated into English . They are subpages pf the spanish versions, by adding after a / the language code ISO 639, for example Bitcoin/en.