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A system distributed refers to an interconnected system in which all nodes can communicate with another without going through intermediaries. All the nodes in the system have the same capacity of decision.


  • Bitcoin: the first implementation of a cryptocurrency.
  • Ethereum: web platform that runs smart contracts.
  • Twister:a microblogging platform.
  • BitMessage: communication protocol used to send encrypted messages.
  • P2P systems
  • In general any system based on the BlockChain.


  • Concurrence: Allow to the available resources in the network can be used simultaneously by another user’s and/or agents which interacts with the network
  • Resource sharing: The resources in the distributed system are physically encapsulated in one of the computers and only can be acceded by another computer's throw the communications (the network).
  • Fault Tolerance: Every component in the system can fault and be replaced by another component, then others can continue execute their actions.

This allows the achievement the activities more effectively, because the system continued working.

  • Scalability: The system can have a number major or minor of components and can change their size or configuration to adapt to the changing circumstances
  • Transparency: It’s hiding to the user and the programmer of applications to the separation of the components of a distribuited system, the system is percibed as a whole,rather than a collection of separate components.
  • Not exist a common clock


  • Good relation performance/cost
  • High performance: parallel processing
  • Support to the distributed applications. Used for communication between networks of offices.
  • Capacity growth
  • Reliability and availability: Fault Tolerance.
  • Open character and heterogeneous.
  • Resource sharing


  • Network of interconnection
    • Message loss and saturation
    • The latency can cause receive an obsolete data
    • The network it´s a critic element.