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Debian showed its concern about the digital gender division creating the project Debian Women in may 2004. This initiative is looking after a way to increase women participation on the technological sector, concretely in the Debian's project. This project intends to promote the participation of women rising the visibility of the active women and building chances of colaboration with members of the project.

Digital Divide in the free software

We already know that the proportion between men and women is far from balanced in the technological ambit, but the situation is even worse if we talk about free Software.

Monica Ramirez, one of the active members of Debian, during her conference in our faculty the 9 of January of 2017, said that the proportion of men and women in Debian is from 1000 to 20

We still don't know how to exactly know why we are in this situation, referring to the free software. There are some theories that points towards the education that girls get when they're young regarding technology, others however blame it to how women are treated in this sector. This is why this is a project formed by women and men.

Activities offered by Debian Women

This project is not more than an entrance door to the Debian project, it is a way to facilitate and advertise this kind of project to women. And in order to achieve this, Debian Women offers the next activities:

  • A list of mails to discuss about related subjects.
  • An IRC channel to discuss about related topics, technical matters and a meeting point where women interested in this matter can contribute to Debian.
  • The choice to join to Birds of feather about Linux conferences to promote the discussion of some issues women can face, and their implication in Linux and Debian.
  • Talks in conferences, universities, users groups in Linux and schools.
  • Active Promotion and an education in the Debian community in order to improve the comprehension of the specific matters that women face when they want to contribute to Debial.

Declaración de diversidad

Debian doesn't only spirit women to join this project, with their next statement they show they want to reach to every single person:

"The Debian's project meets and encourages the participation of everyone. It doesn't matter the perception people may have of you, we welcome your contributions, with the condition that you interact constructively to our community. However, most of the job in our project is technical, and we valuate those who have experience in other areas, and we welcome them to our community."

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