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Candy Crush Saga is a mobile and, currently, a Facebook game created by King. It’s a variation of the game “tic tac toe”. Each level has a board with different shapes and a maximum size of 9 x 9 positions. Each position in the board is filled with candy from three to six different colours, and sometimes with obstacles.

The mechanics of the game consist on aligning, both horizontally and vertically, the positions of three same coloured candy. When this happens, the aligned candy disappears and the candy on top falls down filling the empty positions, sometimes making new alignments and therefore creating a chain reaction. Every level has a goal that has to be reached before running out of movements or running out of time in the timed levels.


  • It can access the purchases you make in the app.
  • Your identity to search for accounts in the device.
  • Your contact list to look for accounts in your device.
  • Storage to modify the space.
  • Delete or read the content in the USB storage.
  • Information about the Wi-Fi connection.
  • Other permits such as receiving internet data, having a full internet connection, see network connections, preventing the device from entering a sleep mode and connecting to Wi-Fi networks and disconnecting.

Privacy policies, terms and conditions

Information they gather from you

  • Information provided by the forms you fill when you access their services and use them (or when you create a new account).
  • The data about the use you give to their services and the resources you access.
  • Private messages content through their messaging system.
  • Correspondence register if you contacted them or you you replied to messages or communications that they sent you.
  • Your interactions with the Candy Crush team through their social network channels, such as Twitter or Facebook.
  • Third party storaged data that they accept to share with Candy Crush.
  • The information that they collect from cookies or similar technologies.

Analysis and conclusions

As a conclusion from everything read about the terms and conditions, and the privacy policies:

  • “King” makes us responsible for the content that we publish and we have the moral rights over them. We are also responsible for the interactions that we have with other users using their services.
  • The specific rules from each game are part of the terms and conditions and we have to rely on them regarding each game we decide to access or play.
  • We are responsible for our account’s safeness and from our log in data. If we fail to protect them, we take full responsibility from the potential consequences, including unauthorized purchases. They don’t take responsibility for the users’ behaviour or the content that they share, they simply obey the current legislation in the country of residence.
  • They use our personal information to contact us, manage the account, improve our user experience, improve their services, propose surveys and studies or send us communications to ask for the participation destined to: send us publicity and promotions, customize and optimize their services, to elaborate reports, analysis and similar services that allow them to make studies or gather commercial information, prevent cheaters, felonies or fraudulent acts, to provide bills with taxes and use them in every other way that is specified in this policy or that the legislation requires.
  • They share our data with a third party as long as we authorize it and they are anonymous. They share them to provide us with services, to accomplish their conditions or any other contract with the user or to protect our rights, goods or King’s security.
  • They follow the Malta’s data protection laws and the don’t legislate in any way the ads that they show you in the app.