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"The first social network where the opinions of users are the real protagonists"

Affinaty is a free social network with Spanish origins based on the opinions of users and who aspires to become a reference when it comes to how citizens see the issues that happen in their environment and the latest issues.

Affinaty website

Head of Affinaty

Marcos Azcona:

"We wanted to create a new social network, breaker, that allows a total interaction between users but also that generates discussion too, who make us lose the fear of expressing our opinion or asking the opinion of other people. Thanks to our algorithm and with the incorporation of the latest developments in the digital world, with technological development leader by one of the founding members of one of the world's best-known social networks, Tuenti, lets meet people similar to us. That’s the key of Affinaty "

How does it works

In this social network you can do two things:

  1. Preview

With a survey type format where up to 5 possible responses to be selected. It includes a system that helps find users with similar opinions, that helps to create groups with interest in common. It also provides statistical data associated with the opinions, segmented by sex, age range, province, and voting results

  1. Give your opinion

On some topic, where users can vote if they agree or disagree with your opinion.

Privacy (app)

During running app, will have access to:

  • Photos / multimedia / files
  • Receive data from the internet